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Pre-Painted Steel – SMP

LTR Metals Canada carries a wide variety of pre-painted SMP steel products, including galvanized and 55% aluminium-zinc alloy coated substrates. Available in coil and flat sheet, our pre-painted SMP steel offer represents the most popular colors in the market today fully supported by industry competitive warranties. And you can be confident the quality and service you receive will be world-class.

SMP (Silicone-Modified Polyester) paint systems are developed using a blend of polyester and silicone agents. Silicone acts to improve the gloss retention and weather resistance of the polyester coating. As a rule, the higher the silicone content, the better the performance of the paint.

SMP pre-painted steel has been used in the construction industry for decades and is preferred by many building owners due to the relative durability of the coating and the budget-friendly cost as compared to other more expensive paint systems. SMP paint systems typically come with a standard 40-year limited warranty but the length and what is covered may vary by paint manufacturer.



Typically more resistant to rough handling as compared to PVDF.

Lower Cost

Compared to PVDF systems, the cost is usually less for SMPs.

Chalk & Fade Resistance

Performs better than standard polyester systems.

Our Pre-Painted SMP Steel meets AAMA 2605-13 requirements.
So you can rest assured our product will meet all standard specifications for pre-painted steel.

End-Use Applications

SMP pre-painted steel is best suited for applications such as residential roofing, agricultural buildings, storage sheds, and other applications where color selection, coating performance, and durability are important to the overall project.