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The Lock-Tight Metal System

Lock-Tight hidden fastener cladding is a great way to ensure that a roof build will be of the highest quality. This style of metal roofing and cladding uses hidden fasteners , which helps make installation quicker and easier than with traditional methods.

A Lot of Benefits

Not only does the Lock-Tight system make for easier installation, it also offers several other benefits :

– Lock-Tight generates less waste, since there is no residual material from cutting or trimming like with conventional methods.

– It also delivers superior wind uplift resistance and water shedding properties.

– Lock-Tight cladding allows to eliminate major sources of air and water infiltration by providing an unbroken weather-tight seal between each panel.

– Lock-Tight ensures proper ventilation through gaps in its design, allowing airflow in the attic and keeping temperatures manageable throughout hot summer months.

– Lock-Tight’s hidden fastener cladding can also provide a maximum protection to a home or building while at the same time having minimal visibility on the exterior walls, giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance.